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I should suspect that I worshipped the devil...

...if I thanked my God for worldly things.

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Birthdate:Jul 2
you must indeed be a simple-minded fellow if you expect to get anything from me, who am accustomed to take from every one, and never to give anything in return.

all the riches of this world may be gifts from the devil and earthly kings


: mam·mon
Pronunciation: \'ma-mən\
Function: noun
Usage: often capitalized
Etymology: Middle English, from Late Latin mammona, from Greek mamōna, from Aramaic māmōnā riches
Date: 15th century

: material wealth or possessions especially as having a debasing influence (you cannot serve God and mammon — Matthew 6:24)
Name ❂ Viper
Alias❂ Mammon
Age ❂ twenty four
DOB ❂ 2 July
Sign ❂ Cancer
Birthplace ❂ Italy
Height ❂ 154 cm
Weight ❂ 46 kg
Blood Type ❂ A
Favorite Thing ❂ Money
Favorite Word ❂ Greed
Favorite Food ❂ 5 yen chocolate
Favorite Drink ❂ Lemonade
Job ❂ Freelance Hitman
Status ❂ Not interested, unless you've got a large bank account.
Pet ❂ Fantasma (a White's Tree Frog)
Mammon's past is so dark and mysterious, it would explode your tiny human minds to hear about it. No, really. I'm being serious, here. Okay, okay. You got me. Once, many moons ago, he was part of the Arcobaleno. It's a pretty hush-hush group, and the members suck at staying in touch with each other. Honestly, he didn't really want to join in the first place, and has been steadily working to stay as far away from anything involving the other Arcobaleno as possible. Too bad he manages to keep running into them.

After all that went down, he worked with the Varia within the Vongola, helped out in a little coup d'état they put together, and then bailed on them when things went downhill. Once the issue was settled, though, he came back like everything was just peachy. You expected him to hang around when it was safer to wait it out elsewhere? Riiiight.

He's currently working pro bono for…himself. What? He doesn’t work for free. But if you pay the right price, he’d be more than pleased to work with you.
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